The State Library Board

Legislation enacted in 1929 had authorized but did not fund a State Library extension agency. Functioning during the 30's with gifts and endowments, the State Library Board received its first legislative funding in 1943 and initiated its program with an emphasis on state aid to public libraries. By the 1950's the State Library Board was a viable entity, and twenty years later had a sizeable staff.

The SC State Library Board, 1965

Miss Estellene P. Walker, Director, State Library Board (second from left) with State Library Board members (left to right) Mrs. A.D. Oliphant (Greenville), Mr. Hugh Willcox (Florence), Mrs. Angus Macaulay (Chester), and Mrs. Lucy Hampton Bostick (Columbia). Photograph taken at SC Governor's Mansion, 1965.

SC State Library Staff, 1971

SC State Library staff, 1971, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Estellene P. Walker (1st row, 2nd from left) as Director.

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