The WPA Library Project

Development of the State Library from its original state funding in 1943 was a slow and painful process during the war years and immediately afterwards. With the aid of a determined library community and citizens' groups, and ably led by Ms. Estellene P. Walker, State Librarian, rapid progress was made during the late 1940s and through the 50s in the development of state-wide services.

From 1935 until 1943, the Works Projects Administration increased library services to rural areas while providing assistance as well in the urban centers. Upon the termination of the WPA Program in South Carolina, the support of the Citizen's Library Association and farmers' wives for these services led to the first legislative funding of the State Library Board.

Bookmobile service to rural areas

Farmers' wives provide assistance in the urban center

The document of the WPA Library Project in South Carolina

Statistics of bookstock, borrowers, & circulation of the WPA Library Project in South Carolina (January 1936--December 1940)

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