Have you considered a career as a school librarian?


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School Librarians Rule!

School libraries open up a world of opportunities for students, teachers, and even parents. It's the place to go to find a great book or magazine, locate a cool Web site, watch a DVD, listen to a story, get help with a homework assignment or a video project, and participate in fun programs (like puppet show, read-a-thons, and book clubs). Something's always happening! School libraries are the place to be. And, who's in charge? That's right, school librarians rule.

School librarians earn a master’s degree from accredited programs at universities and colleges around the country. Programs vary—some can be completed in a year, others in two. Increasingly, distance education opportunities are available, allowing students to enter a program and take courses without relocating. To be accepted into a program, students typically must have a B average in their undergraduate studies, and standardized tests are often required.

A consistent shortage of school librarians will only grow as a large number of working librarians reach retirement age in the next 10 years. So job opportunities will be plentiful. Oh, did we mention Christmas break and summer vacation? School librarians typically work a 9- or 10-month contract.

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