Marion County Public Library

Tax support of libraries in South Carolina came very slowly. The town of Marion has the distinction of being the first to officially allocate city funds for the library. The library had originally been established in 1898, using private funds, but in 1903 the city began supporting it. Today the former Marion City Library is the headquarters for the Marion County Public Library system. Below are two vintage photos of Marion Public Library.

Small picture of Marion Public Library

Large picture of Marion Public Library


Shown below is a picture of one of the first circulating libraries in South Carolina. The idea of taking the books to the people of Marion County who could not get to the library was used first in 1913. More than 800 volumes were packed in boxes and loaded on the wagon shown below and were taken about the county. Money to finance the transportation of books to the county people was made available by Judge Woods. This method was used in the county for six years. The Marion Public Library, which was opened in 1905, was the first tax-supported library in the state. The picture is the property of Miss Louise McMaster, Rock Hill librarian.

South Carolina's first circulating library, a wagon pulled by a mule.

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