Walterborough Library Society

Founded in 1820, the Walterborough Library Society and its home became a social and cultural haven as well as officially the village's central point four years later when the legislature passed an Act to Incorporate the Village of Walterborough.

The Walterborough Library Society, established in 1820, is another of those private library societies that sprang up across the state throughout the 1800's.

Walterboro Library

It is an early and excellent example of the central location theme to be heard so often by public library planners of the 20th century. Here, the library became the social, cultural and geographic center of the town.

AN ACT to incorporate the Village of Walterbourough

IV: ...And be it further enacted... That the intendent and wardens....their immediate jurisdiction as conservators of the peace shall extend three quarters of a milein every direction from the place where the library house now stands.

A South Carolina Act
20 December 1826

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