This book would not have been possible without the generous cooperation of county and regional librarians and library board members in researching and recording local library history. Special thanks go to Mrs. Elma Rogers of Colleton County for her definitive history of the library development in her county and to Miss Ellen Perry for her history of the Greenville County Library. I am grateful to Mrs. Ambrose Wylie (Ida Belle Entreken), Nancy C. Blair, Lois Barbare, and to Mrs. Margaret Davies for their help in providing information on the WPA library program in South Carolina. My sincere appreciation is expressed to Betsy Heard Wigglesworth (Mrs. T. H.) of Elberton, Georgia, for her generous help in supplying information on Sally Heard and the Seaboard Airline Railway Library System. My special gratitude to Vicki Maxheimer and her assistants who have so patiently and competently transcribed my dictation and typed this manuscript.

Estellene P. Walker,
"So Good and Necessary a Work": The Public Library in South Carolina, 1698-1980
(Columbia: South Carolina State Library, 1981), p. vii.

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