The University of South Carolina Library, now the Caroliniana Library, as it looked
                                    in 1915 when SCLA held its organizational meeting. (Photo courtesy of Caroliniana
                                    Library) Above right, Robert M. Kennedy. University of South Carolina Librarian
                                    and first president of SCLA. (Photo courtesy of Caroliniana Library)

                                                Fiftieth anniversary celebration of SCLA at 1965 convention in Green-
                                                ville. Cutting the cake is President Susie McKeown with Vice Presi-
                                                dent Josephine Crouch looking on. (Photo courtesy of Francis Marion

                                Six former SCLA presidents attended luncheon given at Francis Marion College
                                in 1978. From left to right are Alfred Rawlinson (President, 1942), Margaret Givens,
                                J. Mitchell Reames (President, 1949, 1970-72), Susie McKeown (President, 1965-66),
                                Dot Knox, Mildred Hulme, Lois Barbare (President, 1954-55), Frances Means, Jessie
                                Ham (President, 1961-62), and Estellene Walker (President, 1974-75). (Photo courtesy
                                of Paul Dove)


                                            Mary Frayser, Winthrop sociologist who led the drive to provide fun-
                                            ding for the State Library Board. (Photo courtesy Winthrop College
                                            Archives) Right photo is Dr. Barbara Williams Jenkins, first black
                                            president of SCLA.

                                   Richland County Public Library Award winners: State Library Meritorious Service
                                   Award Children's Services Division. APLA Trustee Award: Julius McKay,
                                   Board Chairman. SCLA, November 17, 1989, Hilton Head

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