Nancy Jane Day

Nancy Jane Day On March 29, 1946, the State Department of Education appointed Nancy Jane Day, formerly on the faculty of the Emory Library School, as the first Supervisor of Library Services. Miss Day had been active in encouraging the State Department to develop this position but she had not intended to apply for the job. She wrote that "I would never have helped you set up the position and get the grant for it if I had had any intention of being an applicant for it."
At the time of Miss Day's appointment in 1946, there were libraries in only 39% of the schools with an average of less than 2 books per student. Her emphasis as supervisor was to build collections and provide workshops for untrained librarians. By 1950, committees began work on elementary and secondary standards for school libraries. The S. C. High School Library Association was organized in 1950 with 50 high schools as members. In 1951, 37% of schools has organized collections. There were 115 high school librarians with 24 semester hours or more and there were 31 librarians with degrees from ALA accredited library schools.

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