The Administration of A. C. Flora

After the death of W. H. Hand, Dr. A. Cline Flora became superintendent. Dr. Flora advocated the continued improvement of school libraries. He stated, "Why learn to read if not given the chance to use the skill acquired? It has long been the policy of the Columbia schools to provide libraries and trained librarians for all the schools - elementary, junior and senior high schools. The library is truly the heart of the school, indispensable to every type of learning activity."
Dr. A. Cline Flora
Dr. A. Cline Flora (5th from left)
children in school library
Finding Out About Books Brings Happiness
In the 1940s, a Central Film library was established. At Wardlaw Junior High (the first junior high school in SC, built in 1927 and named for Dr. Patterson Wardlaw), a skit from a Guidance Program, Friday, Sept. 27, 1940 indicates that films were becoming popular: "Is it true that we have moving pictures over here?" "Yes, we have a motion picture machine and got to see some good movies. We have educational films in social studies, science or English nearly every week. Of course not everyone gets to see them all."
students using listening station at Wardlaw Jr. High The skit also quized students on the library rules: Compton is in charge of the library. When are you permitted to go to the library? (Before and after school, at study periods). Describe the library admission slip and tell how you use it entering and leaving the library. How may you help to keep the library orderly and neat? (Return book or magazine to shelf, straighten table and chair). How do you check a book from the library? Any book marked with a capital R tells you what? (Reference book and may not be checked out).

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