The Clover Public Library, originally called the Kings Mountain Township Library, was also created by the state legislature in March, 1944. Members of the first board of trustees were 0. Frank Thornton, chairman, W. Herbert Smith, Miss Eloise Barrett, George L. McGill, D.B. Parrish, W.W. McConnell and Mrs. I.J. Campbell.

The first Clover Public Library building

It was late in 1949, however, before a library was built. Opened in May of 1950, the Knox Street building is still in use.

Construction is currently underway on a new 5000 square foot building on nearby Elizabeth Street. The new building is scheduled to open in Spring, 1985.

A Traveling Library

Initiated by the WPA, with assistance from the York County Board of Education, the Farm Council of Women and other organizations, the first traveling library was purchased on February 20, 1937.

The Chevrolet panel truck made its first trip as a bookmobile on March 15, 1937, with approximately 300 books. In 1938 the General Assembly officially named this service the York County Library. Serving as board members of this newly created library were A.0. Jones, Mrs. J.W. Milling, Mrs. J.W. Windell, Mrs. E.A. Crawford, and Mrs. W.C. Ervin.

Known also as the York County Rural Library, the truck was headquartered at the Rock Hill City Hall until its move to Clover in 1950. In February of that year, the rural library's 10,000 books were added to the collection of the Clover Library. Mrs. Paul Blanks, County Rural Librarian, was also the librarian at Clover. Her assistant, Mrs. Betty Anthony, operated the Clover Library when Mrs. Blanks was out with the bookmobile.

In 1967, the second bookmobile was purchased, and in 1979, the third and present one was purchased.

A bookmobile

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