The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 36
Bulletin 292 page 36
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Book Loans to Small Libraries

The International Mind Alcove lends small collections of well-selected books to libraries. No charge is made for the service, but assurance is required that every encouragement will be given to the reading and use of the books. Exchanges are made three or four times a year. Librarians desiring these loans should apply to
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
407 West 117 St., New York City

Book Selection and Book Buying Aids

Upon application the American Library Association will advise concerning any and every library problem with which a community may be confronted. It will furnish book lists to serve as guides for book selection for every age and interest, and reference lists of sources from which book lists may be had. Inquiry meets with prompt and helpful attention when directed to
The American Library Association
520 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

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