The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 34
Bulletin 292 page 34
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Urban library conditions need improvement. However, since in South Carolina, as in many other states, the majority of people without library service are rural, organization for the promotion of libraries, to be effective, should include individuals and agencies that are rural-minded.

A central committee representative of the county may profitably be formed to serve as a library steering committee of a Citizens State Library Association. The active participation of every service club, all teachers and high school students in the state may well be sought.

The Citizens Library Association which functioned in South Carolina in 1930-31 was an effective instrument of library promotion. Proponents of public libraries propose its reorganization as a statewide people's movement for more and better libraries as soon as economic conditions are favorable. It is planned to secure the interest of key people and organizations to arrange for library meetings at strategic centers in every district of every county in the state. Attempt to secure the presence at the proposed district meetings of delegates from all localities in the districts will be made. It will be followed by an effort to secure a local committee in each community to work actively for more and better books and efficient library administration through the operation of a county library in every county in South Carolina. The Citizens Library Association of North Carolina has played a part in the public library and school library development in that state in recent years, which is suggestive. Its activities were focussed in its State Library Commission. The State Library Board of South Carolina plans to give similar service in this state.

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