The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 29
Bulletin 292 page 29
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Book Provision

Negro Schools

Data from the negro elementary schools show that 91.1 per cent, or 2,123 of the 2,330 schools, were entirely without library books for the use of their pupils. In only three counties of the state was there an expenditure for library books for negro children in the elementary grades in 1931-32. It is thus apparent that only a beginning has been made in meeting the book needs of the negro children.

According to present plans a high school which falls short of the standard for library book provision and librarian service in the autumn of 1933 will be dropped from the list of "accredited high schools" of the Southern Association even though fully meeting other requirements.(5) Graduates from non-accredited high schools are not eligible to college entrance without examination as are the graduates from accredited high schools. There are 304 accredited and 39 non-accredited white and four accredited and 211 non-accredited negro high schools in South Carolina. A shortage of library books is a factor in the non-accredited high school situation.

The negro high schools reported that 79.5 per cent, or 171 of the 215 high schools, had no school library books.

Only four counties reported investment in library books for negro high schools in 1931-32.

There were only 1.37 books per pupil in the negro high school libraries with an average expenditure of 22 mills per pupil for library books in 1931-32.

Table 9.-- Enrollment, Volumes, and Library Expenditure in Negro Schools of South Carolina, 1931-32
  Enrollment public schools Total volumes in school libraries Volumes per capita school enrollment Total school library expenditure Expenditure per capita school enrollment
Elementary school 214,299 15,205 0.07 $522 0.002
High school 9,411 12,897 1.37 $206 0.022

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