The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 23
Bulletin 292 page 23
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Figure 5. -- The Columbia "Library on Wheels" visits the boys and girls of Epworth Orphanage (left) and the State Industrial School


Information for the 56 libraries of the state is presented in Tables 4, 5, and 6, which group the libraries according to the source from which their revenues are derived.

Libraries Supported Entirely or in Part from Public Funds.

One-half of the 30 libraries listed in Table 4, were supported entirely by direct taxation or appropriation of public funds. The remainder derived only a part of their income from public funds and part from endowments, rents from property, subscription fees, and special grants. The loan service of most of these is largely limited to those who can or will pay for it.

Libraries Listed as Public Supported by Subscriptions, Rentals, Donations

The 15 libraries shown in Table 5 give public service without support from public funds. Their incomes are derived chiefly from membership fees ranging from one to five dollars annually. This fact limits the use of these libraries to subscribers. They are public libraries then only in a limited sense; it is apparent also that their service to subscribers is restricted as their support is inadequate.

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