The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
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As a result of the efforts of Miss Louise McMaster, then librarian of the Marion library, and Mr. R. M. Kennedy, librarian of the University of South Carolina, a bill of which Miss McMaster was the author and which was drawn by Mr. A. C. Woods was passed by the General Assembly of South Carolina in 1915. According to its terms a county, township, or school district may acquire, own, or operate a public library or libraries, and a tax or taxes not exceeding two mills may be levied and collected for the support or acquisition of the same.* This statute is highly significant since it provides for larger library area and population units and for wider support by taxation, two factors which had been found to be related to efficient and enlarged service at low cost in other states and communities where notable library progress had been made.

In May, 1921, the Greenville public library opened its doors for a service made possible by the vision and generosity of two of its outstanding citizens. The most notable public library work done in South Carolina during the period 1923-1931 was that of the Greenville public library under the leadership of Miss Charlotte Templeton. In January, 1923, the library was taken over by the city, which provided a two-mill tax for service within the city limits. The amount available from this tax was supplemented by gifts from the two citizens to whom reference has been made for city library work and for library extension service to residents of mill villages and of the open country of Greenville county.

An act was passed in 1925 creating "a library district to be known as the Greenville County Library District" and in 1928 it was amended to provide for the appointment of library trustees, election limitations, and contract or contracts for library purposes.**

*South Carolina Civil Code, 1922, V-3, Sec. 4480.

**South Carolina Acts, 1925, pp. 176-178, No. 121, S 1-9; amended, Acts, 1928, pp. 1154-1156, No. 586.

Greenville Bookmobile
Figure 3. -- The library truck visits a rural community

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