The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 9
Bulletin 292 page 9
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The Library Staff

It has been said that the library is three-fourths librarian and "in the making of good libraries and good library service, no other essential is so important as carefully, chosen, well educated, and thoroughly trained librarians."(1) Only a small proportion of the libraries of South Carolina are served. by trained librarians.


The publicly supported libraries are usually under the direction of publicly appointed official library boards. The subscription libraries are often governed by informal library committees or directly by the clubs which establish them.


Counties Having County-wide Service

Five counties in South Carolina have county-wide distributing library service supported from county funds. Their incomes, book provisions, and librarian service vary widely. Charleston, Greenville, and Richland counties have incomes which permit adequate additions to their book collections and each has several librarians; Dillon and Laurens have inadequate incomes and book provisions, and each has only one librarian. The service of the first three libraries is termed "full distributing", that of the last two "limited distributing."

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