The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
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Bulletin 292 page 5
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Information concerning the origin, development, and number of public libraries in South Carolina and their present status has not been readily available. It is apparent that a careful study of the library situation must serve as a basis for constructive measures to induce adequate library provision and service. Such an investigation should report the type and extent of service of all libraries which serve the public; it should institute a comparison between library conditions in the various counties of South Carolina, and compare them with the conditions reported for the libraries in other states. It was with these needs in view that data for this study were gathered and analyzed.

It is the purpose of the study to show as accurately as possible the public library and public school library situation as it existed in South Carolina January 1, 1932.

Especial consideration has been given to the effect of the library conditions found upon rural life.

The data concerning the libraries listed as public were secured by Miss Parmalee Cheves, field agent of the State Library Board, between June, 1930, and February, 1932. Access to her files made this report possible.


The information gathered showed the libraries of the state to fall naturally into four groups.

1. College libraries

2. Legislative and special libraries

3. Libraries listed as public

4. School libraries

Since college libraries are principally for reference and student use, and legislative and special libraries are used only by special-interest individuals and groups, data in regard to them were not studied for this report.

This study therefore deals only with libraries listed as public and with school libraries. Effort was made to secure information regarding every such book collection in South Carolina.

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