The Libraries of South Carolina
by Mary Frayser
Page 3
Bulletin 292 page 3
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Motto of the

American Library Association

The task of free public libraries is to supplement and continue the education of free public schools.

The opportunity of librarians is to stimulate and develop a taste for reading in individuals through a study of their aptitudes and tastes.

The library need is for the creation of a public opinion convinced of the value of free public libraries and of high standards of library service.

The ultimate goal set for libraries by the American Library Association is library service to all with free books for every man, woman, and child who desires to read.

The requirement by law of the establishment and maintenance of book collections suited to the age and grade attainment of pupils in the public schools is an objective for South Carolina library service. School libraries are tools of education. Their provision is mandatory in many states.

The law of South Carolina permits the establishment of free public libraries with limited or county-wide library service. Action awaits desire.

There is inequality of library provision between the urban and rural populations of South Carolina; only 25 per cent of the 1,367,685 rural people live in areas served by public libraries while 94 per cent of its 371,080 urban residents are so served.

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