Aiken-Bamberg-Barnwell-Edgefield Regional Library System Chronology

1817 prior to this date Edgefield Female Library Society formed
1818 Republican Circulating Library Society (Barnwell County)
1825 Collection numbered more than three hundred volumes (Edgefield County)
1826 Library in the court house attached to the Farmer's Society (Mill's Statistics, 1826) (Barnwell County)
1832 Incorporation of Hamburg Library Society (Aiken County), "Handsome" library attached to the District Farmer's Society (Lockwood's Geography) (Barnwell County)
1850 Lyceum Society active in presenting drama and lectures, proceeds used to support the Edgefield Female Library Society
1860-1870 Services suspended and books collected in the home of Col. Simkins (Edgefield County)
1870 Edgefield Ladies' Literary Club, the original society reactivated during 50th anniversary
1880 Aiken Library began and maintained by its members. It had various locations, from 4th floor of the Bank of Western Carolina on Laurens Street to a store in Titanian Hall
1900 c Edgefield Ladies' Literary Club began to move toward establishment of public library
1905 Auf Wiedersehen Society took books and incorporated the Edgefield Free Library
1910 Miss Marie Abney became Librarian, maintained Library for 12 years (Edgefield County)
1920 c Kill Kare Club of Trenton established town library (Edgefield County)
1922 Friday Afternoon Book Club opened small library on the campus of the Carlisle Miltary Academy (Bamberg County), Edgefield Free Library had collection of 3000 books and 300 reference works
1924 Library moved to the Bamberg City Hall
1926 1926 Became the Dibble Memorial Library when a gift from the heirs of Mr. H. M. Dibble spurred a building fund campaign. (Aiken County)
1927 Library became the D.A. Tompkins Memorial in recognition of a legacy received from him for a building. (Edgefield County)
1929 Abney Collection of rare books presented to the library (Edgefield County)
1933 New building constructed with money from the Friday Afternoon Book Club and labor from RFC (Bamberg County)
1935 The Aiken County Library grew from a demonstration project initiated by the County Council of Farm Women
1936 The creation of the Aiken County Library Commission made county library permanent
1938 First bookmobile (Bamberg County)
1941 SC ACTS No. 68 Creation of the Bamberg County Library Board
1945 Consolidation of the Friday Afternoon Book Club Library with the Bamberg County Library, SC ACTS No. 196 Provisions for the appointment of the members to the Bamberg County Library Board
1950 SC ACTS No. 784 (Aiken County)
1951 SC ACTS No. 29 (Aiken County)
1952 Aiken County Library and the Dibble Memorial Library combined and an addition was built on to the Dibble Library
1953 Barnwell County Library officially opened
1954 Bookmobile service initiated, Branch libraries opened in Blackville and Williston (Barnwell County)
1958 Aiken-Barnwell-Edgefield Regional Library System established, establishment of the Edgefield County Library housed in the Tompkins Memorial Library in Edgefield, Branch Libraries established in Johnston and Trenton (Edgefield County), Edgefield County wide public library service begun, SC ACTS No. 1007 (Aiken County)
1959 SC ACTS No. 341 (Aiken County)
1960 SC ACTS No. 920 (Aiken County), Participated in the demonstration of the regional library system (Bamberg County)
1961 SC ACTS No. 468 (Aiken County), SC ACTS No. 478 to levy taxes and for board to enter into contracts (Barnwell County)
1962 Aiken, Barnwell, and Edgefield counties appropriated funds sufficient to continue service at same level as during the demonstration project
1964 Bamberg County joined the regional system to form present ABBE Regional Library
1969 New building constructed (Bamberg County)
1974 Aiken County Library moved to Banksia, became sole occupant of the Dibble Memorial Library, former Winter Colony home renovated for the library