York County passed its own ordinance based on the state code. A new board of trustees, known as the York County Library Board, was appointed by the York County Council. Members were Gary Lawrence, H. Sanford Howie, Jr., Mrs. Corrie Colter, Robert E. Sibley, Mrs. R.E. Barron, Wallace D. Vaughn, Jr. and W.B. White, Jr.

Soon after consolidation, it became evident that the headquarters library in Rock Hill was not large enough to adequately serve the whole county. As early as 1973, the Library Board began to make people aware of the overcrowded conditions.

In 1979, under the guidance of present library director, David A. Lyon, IV, the York County Council acknowledged the need for a new building. A County Council appropriation and a gift of $110,000 from former York County resident, 0. Ray Moore, provided the necessary funds for the new building.

The two-story, 33,000 square foot library was built on an East Black Street lot donated by the City of Rock Hill. Construction began in late 1980, and the new building was dedicated on January 24, 1982.

The York County Library

Important Dates in our Past

June 13, 1884: Rock Hill Library Association formed

July 15, 1884: Rock Hill Library Association opened first reading room

November 1884: Rock Hill Library Association occupied first permanent home

June 1910: Rock Hill Library Association reorganized

January 1915: York Township Library begun

1923: First millage approved for support of library service

February 24, 1932: Rock Hill Public Library occupied building on Oakland Avenue

February 1936: Palmetto Branch, Rock Hill Public Library created

March 15, 1937: First bookmobile service offered

March 20, 1944: Kings Mountain Township (Clover) Library created

May 12, 1950: Clover Public Library building opened

August 27, 1964: Fort Mill Public Library opened

July 1, 1966: York County Library system created

March 3, 1968: York Public Library building dedicated

May 28, 1972: Fort Mill Public Library building dedicated

January 24, 1982: York County Library headquarters building dedicated

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