Fairfield, South Carolina Public Libraries Chronology

1806 Winnsboro Library Society formed.
1811 Franklin Library Society (a subscription library) formed.
1820 Winnsboro Women's Club opened small library.
1900 Frank Fouche founded small public library in a room above the Bank of Fairfield. Although it didn't last long at this location, he helped to plant the seeds of the current Fairfield County Library.
1930 Worker's Progress Administration (WPA) sponsored two library projects: a school and traveling library.
1937 County Council of Farm Women sponsor the "Little Red Bookmobile."
1938 County delegation appropriated 1% of all school-district funds to maintain county library.
1939 Fairfield County Library legally established.
1940 Winnsboro Women's Club procured old Power House for library.
1965 Fairfield County Library collection numbered 20,000 volumes.
1977 New county library building dedicated.

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