Edgefield, South Carolina
Public Libraries Chronologies

Before 1817 Edgefield Female Library Society formed
1825 Collection numbered more than 300 volumes
1850 Lyceum Society active in presenting drama and lectures, proceeds used to support the library society
1860-1870 Services suspended and books collected in the home of Col. Simkins
1870 Edgefield Ladies' Literary Club, the original society reactivated
1900c Literary Club began to move toward establishment of public library
1905 Auf Wiedersehen Society took books and incorporated the Edgefield Free Library
1910 Miss Marie Abney became Librarian, maintained Library for 12 years
1920c Kill Kare Club of Trenton established town library
1927 Library became the D. A. Tompkins Memorial in recognition of a legacy received from him for a building
1929 Abney Collection of rare books presented to the library
1958 Establishment of the Edgefield County Library housed in the Tompkins Memorial Library in Edgefield
1958 Edgefield became part of the ABBE Regional Library
1958 Branch libraries established in Johnson and Trenton
1958 County wide public library service begun