Anderson Chronology


1811 Pendleton Circulating Library
1840 Libary Association (Peter Vandiver)
1860 Library in the Pendleton Agricultural Society
1896 Lend-a-Hand Library under sponsorship of WCTU
1900 Anderson Library Association
1905 Incorporation of the Library Association with purpose:"to conduct a public library" SC ACTS p. 362 Act of Incorporation
1907 (June 24) Anderson Public Liabrary(Carnegie)
1907 Honea Path received grant from Carnegie, become smallest town in U.S. with A Carnegie Library (at the time of building construction)
1908 (February 27)Carinegie Libraru dedicated
1914 Library established in Belton
1937Rural library service established with WPA assistance
1957 SC ACTS No.487 Establishment of a county wide system and taxation to support
1972Dedication of the new County Library Building in Anderson