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Grandmother Sarah, Mother Ethel, Ethel and Charles   On the day of wedding, 1941
Grandmother Sarah, Mother Ethel,
Ethel (age 6)
and Charles (age 4)
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  On the day she married Mr Charles F. Bolden, Sr, November, 1941
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School Day 1945-46   Ethel Bolden, ca. 1945
School Day at Waverly School
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  On Charles' return from the Army, 1945
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Library at Waverly School   1948
Book Week at Waverly School Library - 1940s. First Elementary School Library in formerly all-black school (elementary).
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  S. C. State Library Science Institute - Summer, 1948.
Mrs Bolden is second from right on the second row.
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S.C. State Librarians' Institute   1950's
S.C. State 1948 Librarians' Institute (0.87 KB)   Mrs Bolden is first on the left, second row, immediately behind Principal C. W. Fields.(1950s)
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Mrs. Bolden in the 1950s   1950's
Mrs Bolden in the 1950s
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  Atlanta University - 1954
Library Science Class trip to Washington, D.C.
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W.A. Perry, 1960s   Dreher High School, 1970s
W. A. Perry - 1960s
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  Dreher High School - 1970s
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  Ethel Bolden  
  Mrs. Ethel Bolden
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