Speaking of History: The Words of South Carolina Librarians

Lois Barbare

"Miss Barbare is one major reason why South Carolinians may be proud of the substantial progress made by libraries in recent years."

-Estellene P. Walker, State Librarian, 1974.

Lois Barbare

Lois Barbare was born on February 27, 1913, at Taylors, South Carolina. Ms. Barbare attended Greenville Woman's College and received an A.B. degree from the University of South Carolina in 1933. She taught school in Darlington County from 1934 to 1937, and earned an A.B. degree in Library Science at Emory University in 1938.

Ms. Barbare was librarian on the WPA Library Project staff serving as District Supervisor, 1938-40, and as Assistant State Supervisor, 1940-1941. She was Army Librarian at Stark General Hospital in Charleston from 1942 until 1944. Ms. Barbare joined the South Carolinia State Library in 1944 where she worked as a Catalog-Order Librarian before retiring in 1978.

Her professional memberships include the American Library Association, Southeastern Library Association, South Carolina Library Association of which she was Vice President in 1953, President in 1954, and chairman of the Activities Committee during the late 1970's. She is also a member of the League of Women Voters and the Baptist Church.

Miss Barbare died on March 26, 2002.

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