Speaking of History: The Words of South Carolina Librarians

Picture of Augusta Baker

Augusta Baker

Augusta Baker was born on April 1, 1911, in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1933, she received a BA in Education from New York State College (SUNY, Albany). Mrs. Baker earned a BS in Library Science in 1934 from SUNY. She worked in the New York Public Library system for 37 years. Children's librarian (135th Street Branch), storytelling specialist, assistant coordinator of children's services, and coordinator of children's services are the job positions she held during her years at NYPL. In 1974, she retired from the New York Public Library. Augusta Baker served on the ALA Executive Board, and she was active in other organizations, such as SCLA, PLA, and ALSC. She continued to give library workshops throughout the country. In 1980, she moved to Columbia, SC to become the University of South Carolina's storyteller-in-residence. She retired from this position in 1994. Augusta Baker died on February 23, 1998.

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