Speaking of History: The Words of South Carolina Librarians
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Celeste Hatcher

Celeste Hatcher was born November 11, 1905 in Graniteville, SC. She received her A.B. from South Carolina State College in 1924. She went on to graduate with a B.L.S. from Hampton Institute in 1927. While still a student at SC State, she began working in the College Library and for a period of years alternated between working in the office of the President of the College as a stenographer (1925-1927) and as a library assistant. Upon completion of her degree at Hampton Institute she officially became the Librarian, a position she held until 1930. She continued her career in academic libraries and served as Librarian at Paine College (Augusta, GA) from 1930-1934 and Librarian at Langston University (Langston, OK), 1934-1937. In 1940 she became the Director of the Carnegie Library in Savannah, GA, a one-building library that served the black community in Savannah and the surrounding area. She retired from this position in 1974, a few years after the integration of the Savannah City Library and the Carnegie Library. Ms. Hatcher died in 1998.

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