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About the World Wide Web presentation of
In the Thick of the Fray:

The author of In the Thick of the Fray is Bianca Tinsley Madden. She has given her permission for the thesis to be posted at the Web site of the University of South Carolina's College of Library and Information Science. She is the owner of the intellectual property found herein. The usual rules for quoting and citing apply.

Ms Madden provided us with the 5¼ floppy diskette on which the thesis was originally stored. This has facilitated the most accurate rendering possible of her thesis into HTML. Because my goal was reproduction of the original, no effort was made to find and correct any grammatical or typographical errors. Pagination, however, remains the same as the original so that researchers may accurately cite this version without seeing the original. While I expended significant effort to recreate the original formatting, I chose to make three minor changes:

-- Jeannie Colson

Jeannie Colson created this HTML version of In the Thick of the Fray as a project for an Independent Study in Fall, 2000. The study was supervised by Dr. Bob Williams and Dr. Bob Molyneux at USC's College of Library and Information Science.