The method used in conducting interviews was non-directive and informal. All persons were contacted by telephone prior to visits by interviewer.

Case 1
I was born in Charleston in the parsonage of the Morris Street Baptist Church. As long as I can remember I have had books to enjoy myself and to share with other children. My father was the person most responsible for my interest in libraries and in people.

Case 2
Reverend and Mrs. Bart were wonderful people to know and it seems that Susan is much like both of them. She is always active in community affairs and library work. Some of her activities include work with the Red Cross; in fact she is the only Negro on the board of the Charleston Chapter of the American Red Cross. I have lived across from Dart Hall Branch Library for years and it has been interesting to watch it grow.

Case 3
I was a student in Miss Susie’s nursery school and a patron at the Dart Hall Branch Library for years while she was librarian there. I cannot remember a time when Miss Susie did not have some kind of reading room.

Case 4
Mrs. Butler asked me if I would accept a job in the Dart Hall Branch Library in 1936. I have been associated with her and inspired by her to continue in the library profession. I was appointed librarian when Mrs. Butler retired in 1957. We are keeping up the work started by Mrs. Butler. We have added a collection of recordings since Mrs. Butler was here in the library

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