Adventures in Faith
Penn School On St. Helena's Island

Following the Civil War, a variety of religious groups from the North established schools to educate Blacks in South Carolina. Libraries were an integral part of each of these schools and continue today as the bedrock of the state's educational and library systems.

Assistant and Pupils
Assistant and Pupils

Books were scarce in the period following the Civil War, especially on St. Helena's Island. As a result, story hour became an important part of the curriculum at Penn School.
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Northern philanthropists sent Christmas gifts of books to the Island children every year.
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Dathan School
Dathan School Christmas, 1913

Little Library

Later, the Penn school's "Little Library" served the entire St. Helena's Island community for 25 years.
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Photos on this page: Univeristy of North Carolina Southern Historical Collection, Willson Library, Penn School Album #90, #78, #81.

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