A History of the University of South Carolina Music Library

Part of a network of libraries on campus and throughout the state, the University of South Carolina Music Library is currently a technical showplace. It is housed in the University Music building, a beautiful building completed in 1994. Located on Assembly Street in Columbia, South Carolina, the Music Building is attached to the Koger Center for the Performing Arts.

This location and facility are a far cry from those of the initial music and music library buildings. Music instruction at the University of South Carolina was formally introduced in 1924, with the creation of a Department of Music. There were a total of six music courses offered in the 1925-1926 school year.

McMaster CollegeThe Music School was initially housed in the Rutledge Building, above the Chapel, moved to Lieber College, and finally moved to McMaster College in 1969. When the Music School assumed complete occupancy of the McMaster Building, the University of South Carolina Music Library was established. This was also the first year that the USC School of Music earned full membership in the National Association of Music Schools.

Music Building


The budget for the Music Library for the years 1968 through 1972 was $10,000 per year. The library initially had under 2500 articles, including books, scores, and records. By 1980 the collection had grown to a total of 40,000 books, scores, and recordings. The current collection has over 40,000 books and scores, over 12,000 records, 3,000 compact discs, videos, digital video discs, and other multimedia resources.

Music Technology Center In 1994, the School of Music and the Music Library moved to the new facility on Assembly Street. The new library offers advanced computer technology, video viewing, listening carrels, and access to music related CD-ROMS.


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