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1910: Report discusses poor condition of the library's books.
1910: Dean John P. Thomas wants Lawyer's Reports Annotated.
1910: Suggestion that a departmental library be established.
1911: Suggest purchasing Trinity Series of Selected Cases.
1913: Additional sets of reports needed at a cost of $1000.00.
1915: Library consists of a alcove and adjacent bookcases.
1915: Need for law Books, reports, bookcases, and furniture.
1916: Library located in Legare College.
1920: Library has excellent collection of digests and treatises.
1922: Desire to increase holdings from 1,300 volumes to 5,000.
1926: Need for complete set of English Reprints.
1929: Need New York Supplement and South Carolina Statues.
1929: Room in Petigru with bookcases used for library.
1930: Index to Legal Periodicals acquired.
1931: Library's 10,000 volumes meets requirements of ABA.
1933: Mary Ophelia Strickland is law librarian.
1934: Suggested that modern metal stacks be purchased.
1937: Library acquires American Jurisprudence.
1939: Library consists of 15,803 volumes.
1940: Efforts made to increase money for library's purchases.
1941: Only set of New York Supplement in state found here.
1941: Library obtains set of the Selden Society publications.
1941: Mildred Doe is law librarian.
1942: Law library contains 18,931 volumes.
1942: 2,500 volumes stored in basement of new general library.
1950: Holdings include Federal Supplement.
1951: Donation of 13 volumes of the New Oxford Dictionary.
1952: Library gains Chancery Reports of the State of New York.
1953: Contract established for air conditioning of law library.
1953: Library contains 40,000 volumes, including 103 peridoicals.
1958: Library needs South Carolina's Transcations of the Bar.
1974: Librarians include Jon S. Schultz and Miss Robin Mills.
1974: Library in new law center at Main and Greene Streets.
2002: Law library contains 487,831 volumes.

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