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PDF(entire document) | Student Diversity Action Plan | Faculty Staff Diversity Action Plan

  Immediate Goals  

•  Foster an inviting campus environment that respects differences and encourages inclusiveness.

•  Increase the recruitment and retention of diverse students.  

GOAL 1: Foster an inviting campus environment that respects differences and encourages inclusiveness.

Success Indicators:

•  SLIS students are aware of ongoing diversity planning processes.

•  SLIS student groups are racially/ethnically diverse.

•  Agenda of student orientation includes presentations on diversity by campus-wide organizations and by LISSA.

•  Successful student initiated diversity activities/programs/projects are recognized.

•  Diversity learning opportunities, beyond the traditional curriculum, are available and ongoing.

•  Diversity partnerships with outside constituencies (community leaders, local businesses, etc.) are evident.

Objective 1 Students will have an immediate introduction to and continuing reminder of the presence of diversity in their academic and cultural experience at the School of Library and Information Science.

Action Steps

•  At the SLIS new student orientation, offer a presentation on campus-wide organizations that promote diversity.

•  Include available SLIS student diversity programs in the Library and Information Science Student Association's presentation.

•  Develop diversity meetings/interactive events that engage, on a regular basis, both students and faculty in dialogue on key USC-SLIS diversity issues.

•  Seek assistance and guidance from existing campus diversity resources.

Objective 2 Develop and execute a comprehensive communication plan reflecting diversity.

Action Steps

•  Examine all written and electronic communication materials to ensure that they reflect student diversity.

•  Publicize SLIS diversity events campus-wide and to alumni.

•  Make available, both print and electronic, a calendar of opportunities for participation in campus-wide diversity activities.

Objective 3 Ensure that multicultural awareness and diversity training is available in formal coursework across the curriculum and in informal workshops.

Action Steps

•  Include multicultural issues in all classes.

•  Research successful diversity curriculum efforts incorporated by other institutions of higher education.

•  Offer at least one workshop each semester on diversity.

 Objective 4   Build and enhance partnerships with University, community, professional, business and other outside organizations that support and encourage diversity.

Action Steps

•  Form partnerships to deliver diversity training.

•  Bring in speakers from the University and the surrounding community to discuss diversity issues outside of SLIS.

•  Seek internships for students in agencies that encourage diversity.

•  Use professional organizations to provide speakers and materials supporting diversity.

•  Involve the professional community in mentoring students.


GOAL 2: Increase the Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Student

Success Indicators:

•  Annual increases in the number of students from under represented groups (racial/ethnic) are evident.

•  Scholarship opportunities for diverse students increase.

•  Involvement in SLIS diversity recruitment efforts by the African American Leadership Group is ongoing.

•  Measured and evaluated diversity recruitment/retention strategies are adopted and implemented.



Objective 1 Develop a student body reflective of the changing demographics of South Carolina and the nation.

Action Steps


•  Reflect diversity in all recruitment and marketing materials for SLIS, both print and electronic.

•  Promote scholarships and financial aid programs that support diversity.

•  Involve the African American Leadership Group and other key alumni in recruiting activities establishing diverse recruitment teams.

•  Schedule the HBCU's Graduate and Professional School Fairs as a part of SLIS's annual recruiting efforts.

•  Identify other venues that specifically target ethnic/racial groups for recruiting efforts.

•  Include articles promoting diversity in alumni publications.

•  Form partnerships with K-12 institutions, particularly those serving concentrations of racial/ethnic groups defined as minority populations, to recruit for the undergraduate program.




  Columbia, SC 29208 803-777-3858