I arrived on campus September 1, 1970 and I will devote this academic year to recruiting a Faculty and identifying the information needs of our community, the Southeastern region and particularly South Carolina. During 1971/72, our Faculty will structure a curriculum and recruit students. Our timetable calls for enrollment of our first class in September 1972.

Ours will be a multi-purpose library school, limited for the present to the Master's program. Hopefully the curriculum will be a vital, relevant one and that our graduates will be prepared to use information and modern technology to fulfill our community's needs.

I am seeking candidates for our Faculty who believe that libraries are multi-media information centers and that the most important function of libraries today is the supply of information and information services, where they are needed in the community. I am looking for library educators who want to work closely with the Faculties of related disciplines in developing a curriculum through which we can prepare librarians not only for present library programs but also for library programs designed to reach the culturally different segments of the community. Our basic professional library education will integrate contemporary concepts (media, communication, systems, automation) as they relate to the variety of information needs, types of information centers, and functions required to implement information services.

Further I am seeking library educators who are concerned with the behavioral aspect to librarianship and who through research can discover what really does happen when a person reads, sees a documentary, listens to a tape, or uses a programmed unit of instruction. It may be that no one on our Faculty will teach courses as he has taught them before, but instead will contribute his special competencies and talents to a team effort. Our curriculum may not resemble the conventional Master's program and may be strikingly different.