South Carolina Library Association


November 4, 1961

Nancy Jane Day

My report to you as president of the South Carolina Library Association shall be brief. It has, as usual, been a full year. The work of the Association, as you know, is carried on by the Executive Committee, other committees and sections.

Early during the year, Mrs. Alice DePass, Secretary, resigned and the Executive Committee, as authorized by the Constitution, appointed Miss Susie McKeown of Winthrop College secretary. We were sorry that Mrs. DePass felt that she would be unable to carry on the work of the secretary, but we fell particularly fortunate in having Miss McKeown serve with us this year.

Our Membership Committee has been active and there are now 348 members of the Association. As you know, Article III, Section I, or our Constitution states: "Any individual interested in the objectives of the Association may become a member with a right to vote, upon payment of annual dues." Our Constitution also states in Article VII, Section I, that "the South Carolina Library Association shall be a contributing member of the American Library Association. The Association shall be affiliated with the American Library Association as a Chapter, and shall elect one of its members to serve as American Library Association Councilor for a term in accordance with the requirements of the American Library Association." Our Constitution was examined by the American Library Association to see whether or not it was keeping with the policies of the American Library Association before we were voted Chapter Affiliation. Our Constitution places only restrictions of interest in objectives and payment of annual dues upon membership. Any individual interested in the objectives of the Association may become a member upon payment of dues. our objectives as stated in Article II is to "promote libraries and library service in South Carolina." I am calling your attention to these Articles in order that you may know the only bases upon which members are accepted in the South Carolina Library Association.

"The South Carolina Librarian" under the leadership of Mr. Herbert Hucks, has kept our members well informed.

This year the Executive Committee appointed two sub-committees to study two areas which the committee felt needed study. The Association has never had a Budget Committee to prepare a proposed budget for the coming year. A committee was set up this year under the chairmanship of Miss Jane Wright, Treasurer, with Miss Jessie Ham, Vice President, President elect, and Mr. Mitchell Reames serving on the committee. We think such a budget places the Association in a better position for carrying out its purposes. As we become a stronger organization, it is increasingly important that we take a long look at our program of finance and do more planning in this area.

The other sub-committee appointed by the Executive Committee is the Handbook Committee. Mrs. Marguerite Thompson, immediate past President of the Association, is serving as chairman. This committee has been hard at work during the year and has made a tentative draft. The committee will continue work until the handbook can be completed. This will serve as a guide to the officers and other Executive Committee members in carrying out the work of the organization and in planning for the Annual Conference. Those serving with Mrs. Thompson are: Dr. Robert Tucker and Miss Carolyna Harper.

Our Recruiting Committee Chairman moved from South Carolina. Therefore, we have done little in the area of recruitment during the year. This is one of the most vital areas of the Association and needs to have great consideration given to it in the coming months and years. State Standards which have been adopted for elementary schools by the State Department of Education, certification of public librarians, and the strengthening of college libraries, increases the demand for trained personnel.

No Trustee Award is being made according to the report of the Trustee Committee.

In accordance with the recommendation of the Planning Committee in its 1960 report, a committee was appointed to study future site conferences. Miss Lois Barbare, Chairman of this committee, has made a report to the Executive Committee. Also, as suggested by the Planning Committee, the action of the Executive Committee has been made public through publication in the "South Carolina Librarian." The proposal of the Planning Committee, that the Association prepare a check list and description of library services available in South Carolina for use in industrial research, was turned over to the college and university section for study. Mr. J. Mitchell Reames, Chairman of this section will report to you on their study. In order that librarians might become cognizant of South Carolina Elementary School Library Standards, and be prepared to help interpret them at the local level, these standards have been published in the "South Carolina Librarian," and many copies have been distributed to individual librarians. The Planning Committee has proposed in its 1960 report that steps be taken to insure that South Carolina librarians would know the standards and could interpret them.

National Library Week, during April of this year, proved to be a successful one under the able leadership Mrs. Catherine Lewis, Executive Director, and Mr. S. L. Latimer, Jr., Chairman. The Executive Committee discussed the problems involved in the observance of National Library Week and plans were started earlier than usual this year to overcome some of the problems of previous years. Mrs. Betty Martin, School Library Supervisor of Greenville, was appointed Executive Director and Miss Jim Perry, Attorney of Greenville, Chairman, for National Library Week which will culminate in April 1962. These two have already held a meeting of a small Planning Committee and one of County Chairmen. Kits with information on school, public, and college libraries were given to the county Chairman. We are further ahead in plans than we have ever been before. This year we have been able to profit by the suggestions of former Executive Directors who have pointed up problems and pitfalls. At least one more meeting of the County Chairman is planned.

I would like to thank members of the Association, the Executive Committee, other committees, and sections for the fine support this year. With rare exceptions, when one of you was been asked to do a job you have done it. We are indebted to Miss Jessie Ham and the program committee for the work they have done in planning our convention program.

I wish to thank Miss Virginia Rugheimer, Chairman of the Local Arrangements committee, the members of Local Arrangements, Hospitality, Flower and Decorations, and Registration Committees; the Citadel and Charleston Library Society, and the Medical College of South Carolina for making our stay such a pleasant one....