July 6, 1972

The Master's Degree program in Library Science is approved by the S.C. Commission on Higher Education

Plans for the library school were based, in part, on the 1970 Geddes Report which had predicted that the state would need 955 librarians by 1975. The report apparently may have been prompted by a letter from Lawrence A. Allen, Dean of the University of Kentucky School of Library Science, and an advisor in the process of starting the library school, stated:

...what is definitely needed is a more comprehensive survey rather than an "off the cuff" statement that a library school is needed!

It appears that the approval for the University to offer the degree was behind the actual planning for the Library Science program. Dr. Thomas F. Jones, President of the University, received a chiding letter, dated April 17, 1972, from James A. Morris, Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education that says:

It is our understanding that the University is proceeding with plans to begin operation of the new School of Library Science no later than 1972-1973. We respectfully call to your attention the fact that no program proposal has been yet been submitted to the Commission; an oversight that I am sure you will wish to rectify as soon as possible.

The proposal was submitted and approved in July.

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