August 2, 1997

Maine Distance
Education Students Graduate

T-shirt logo: Main Street, USAWord of the College's distance education program in Georgia and West Virginia spread rapidly around the country. Officials of the University of Maine System and the Maine State Library contacted the College for details, came for a visit, and were soon saying "y'all come" (well, something like that, anyway). Little did they know that we thought that meant all of us! The entire faculty went up for an orientation (to learn to say "pak the caa ova theah...") when classes began in Fall, 1994.

Even though a number of students did come for the "official" graduation ceremonies in Columbia, most chose to come to the CONVOCATION PARTY, held at the Colby College chapel on August 2, 1997.

Pat and Bagpiper leading graduating students.width= Graduating students, led by
Pat Feehan (principal organizer of the convocation party) and a bagpiper led the formalities. The party afterwards featured cake
and "roasted" faculty.

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