Fall 1991

Continuing Education Program

("Panning for Gold") Begins

A picture of the Panning for Gold pamphlet.In the mid-1980's the College had developed a small continuing education program but it was discontinued when funds were cut. Dr. Helen Callison developed this first program. The new continuing education program, a greaty expanded effort, began in the Fall of 1991. Dr. Marsha Turner was responsible for coordinating it and named it "Panning for Gold," a reflection of the content of the program and the soon to be well identified gold pamphlet listing offerings. The first year's program had over 30 workshops.

 A picture of Liz Qunell and Chris Billinksky in the Davis computer lab.


Chris Billinsky and Liz Qunell soon became well known for their "Dealing With DOS" workshops.


A picture of Pat Morris.


Pat Morris also became well known (notorious?) for her preservation workshops, which included wetting down books and then learning how to save them.


Pat Morris overseeing the wetting down of books.


The problem was that students kept coming by and turning off the sprinkler! Surely librarians would not deliberately ruin books?


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