(Corrected Copy)

March 1, 1972

All members of the faculty were present.

  1. Announcements

  1. Dr. Atkinson announced that a reservation for the Orientation program had been made at Camp Kanuga, September 6-8, 1972.

  2. The Dean announced that Jim Williams, a faculty candidate would visit the campus March 9 & 10, 1972.

  3. The Dean announced that the Organizational Development Program for faculty would be held at the Litchfield Inn, March 15, 16, and 17th.

  1. The Dean reported that following the second visit of Phyllis Van Orden and with faculty concurrence, he wished to offer her an appointment as Associate Professor. The faculty concurred in this recommendation.

  2. Admissions, Recruitment and Placement - Miss Cveljo reported that the committee had approved a Supplemental Information For Admission which would be used along with the Graduate School application. The faculty approved this form with several minor changes.

    The committee presented a preliminary statement of policies. In connection with approving this the faculty agreed that the degree to be offered by the College should be the Master of Librarianship.

    The committee also presented a suggested interview schedule for assistance to the faculty in interviewing prospective students. The faculty adopted this schedule as an optional aid in interviewing.

    The faculty also approved the following policies recommended by the committee:

    a. Not more than 50 students will be admitted to the fall term with the expectation that approximately 40 full time students will be enrolled.

    b. Interviews with prospective students will begin about March 20th.

    c. All applications will be interviewed by at least 3 faculty members.

  3. Mr. Bell presented a draft fact sheet to be used this spring with prospective students pending publication of the catalog, and asked the faculty to give him suggested changes.

  4. Dr. Pope reported for the Curriculum Committee. She indicated that most of the material for the fundamentals course, i.e. objectives, content outline and suggested electives had been received and asked those faculty members not yet completing this material to do so -

    The committee had discussed the problems of evaluating student performance in a single integrated course like the foundations program and recommended that the faculty adopt the policy of frequent evaluation throughout the program with feedback to the student on his progress.