May 21, 1969

Estellene P. Walker
South Carolina State Library Board
1001 Main Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Dear Jackie:

Just a brief note before I take off into the wilds of the East and more woolly wilds of the West! Very pleased to have received your letter of May 7th and the very interesting -- and I repeat very interesting -- information. Yes, I was aware that Bob Lee was going to South Carolina. Indeed, suggested that he be one of the people whom Mr. Davis should consider relative to the development of a library school. Knowing, of course, full well, Bob Lee, being the kind of a guy that he is, would look to the situation very well and make recommendations much the same as we have been talking about all along.

I am so pleased that you were brought into the situation so that you could discuss with Bob Lee and Mr. Davis some of the reactions concerning the development of a library school. Of course, it may very well be that a school is needed in South Carolina -- but, as you suggest, what is definitely needed is a more comprehensive survey rather than an "off the cuff" statement that a library school is needed! I do, indeed, hope that something is done about such a study because it would provide one of the firm bases upon which to develop the school.

In regard to Bob Lee, I am very pleased that you feel that he was interested in going to South Carolina to head up a Graduate Library School if it proves feasible. In my opinion, he is one of the top people in the country and would make a tremendous addition to South Carolina. And, I know the respect that he has for you. The two of you together would make a tremendous team. And, I really mean that!

You really did gather up some information when you managed to get Mr. Davis to admit that the University was under pressure from the State Department of Education to establish the Graduate Library School and that they could do nothing else. Yes, I am in agreement with you that this seems to be the truth.

Appreciate very much your keeping me posted about such things -- and as other development occur would appreciate hearing from you again.

With all the best wishes -- and I look forward to seeing you at ALA.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence A. Allen,