Geddes Report

"A Study of Library Personnel Needs in South Carolina" was completed by Andrew Geddes, a New York consultant in February 1970. The study was done under the auspices of the University's Division of Advanced Studies and Research.

The preface notes that in consulting "a number of prominent persons" in the field a "need existed for additional information which could come only from persons within the State concerned with library service programs within their own organizations." Four different questionnaires, depending on the type of library, "were developed by Dr. H.W. Davis, Vice-President of the Division, and distributed to the various types of libraries in South Carolina."

1517 surveys were mailed and 863 (57%) were returned. From the raw figures, the indications were that 759 positions would have to be filled by 1975 in the various kinds of libraries.

The report goes on to analyze other statistics and information gleaned from reading the comments. It is positive about the value of forming a library school in South Carolina.