Text of the letter from Solomon Blatt to Thomas F. Jones:

Dear Tom:

I have your letter and I am glad to note that you 
are attempting to establish a school of Social Workers
and a school of Library Science. These schools are
badly needed.
If you want to get these schools then I suggest that
you contact the State Department of Education and the
officials of the Teacher's Association and have these
groups visit with the members of the House and Senate
immediately and also appear with you before the Budget 
and Control Board and the Ways and Means Committee requesting 
that this money be appropriated. You should also have
Dr. Rivers and a group of his directors visit with the
Legislature and appear with you for the purpose of getting 
this school. They can be of more help than anyone else.

I hope you will not fall into the same trouble you were in
last year when you failed to ask the Budget and Control
Board for money for the libraries for the extension centers
of the University. If you fail to do it and other 
institutions should get money for this purpose, then we
will be in trouble and the funds will not be made available
for us. With old buildings it is always in line to ask
for additional maintenance funds so the necessary repairs
to the old buildings can be made and painting be done where


Solomon Blatt