-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USC CLIS History --The Back Fence

a picture of the graphic used on the first student newsletter


Welcome back to all returning students and welcome to all new students. This is the first isssue of the student newsletter. The format, policies, publication dates, etc haven't been frozen in tradition. The editorial section and letters to the editor will appear in a section entitled "It all depends". We look forward to your participation and your comments. It is hoped that this endeavor will become a permanent fixture in Davis College performing a useful purpose for the college, students and alumni. We encourage your involvement.

This newsletter evolved from a meeting of the newly formed student association. at Davis College, which is actually an umbrella organization for four professional groups of which students can be a member. They are: ALA, ASIS, SLA, and AECT. Students belonging to our association here can belong to any or all of the professional organizations.

On November 9, 1977, elections were held to elect officers. Those elected were: Debbie Bowdler, President; Bob Stout, vice-president; Becky Holsinger, secretary; and Michael Klepper, treasurer. Already plans are being made to become a chartered organization on campus so that we will be eligible for university funding. Various projects are also underway, such as a trip to Atlanta in April to visit several large libraries. Also, a contest is being sponsored to select a special T-shirt desing and slogan for Davis College stuents.

The student organization has penned the name "PALS" for Professional Association of Library Students. We urge you to join - this could be a valuable part of your education.


Adult & Media Lab Hours-Spring '78

9:00 -9:00-------Monday and Wednesday 8:30-9:00---Tuesday and Thursday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

*The Media lab will not be open on Tuesdays and Thursday form 3:30 to 5:00 The Reference lab will not be open until 9:00 on these days.