May 4, 1970


Dr. William H. Patterson
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208

Dear Dr. Patterson:

This will confirm our telephone conversation at which time I told you that I do accept the appointment as dean of the new library school and professor of library science. The terms you stipulate in your letter of April 7 are satisfactory and, by mutual agreement, our timing will be to admit the first class in September, 1972.

During our last discussion you proposed an alternative location for the new school and I checked it while I was there. I prefer a location in Davis College and hope that this can be arranged. I feel that Davis College is a more strategic location for making maximum use of the library science collection in the McKissick Library and for maximum contact with faculty in related disciplines. I am thinking particularly of the time when the new faculty will be hard at work structuring the curriculum and organizing the course content of the new curriculum. Davis College also has the advantage of giving us a base of operations from the beginning which will be expandable, in a sense, as the group of faculty grows.

My wife and I are enthusiastic about our new life in South Carolina and we have great hopes for the new graduate library school. I will need lots of help from President Jones, Dr. Davis and you, and I am happy to have had your assurances that I will have your support.


Wayne S. Yenawine
Director of Libraries